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Well, that was quite a face. Roxas had seen similar in Halloweentown though, and didn’t really think it applicable to point it out.
He had admittedly been a little startled, but the stranger was asking pretty politely so… 

"Most of the time, yeah. I think people miss home so much that they start acting weird." 

At first he had wondered if he would requite a glamour since he had to be among mundies unfortunately, but upon a closer look this city was a freak show. So really, there should be nothing to worry about. A chance to start over.

Do they? It seems like they could all use something to support them then. Rather than spreading such talk. Is it a type of insanity then?”

"It is already becoming clear that the citizens of this city will need some assistance, whether to stop uncouth topics such as this or not."

The perfect mask of apparently wanting to help people begins.

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Where’s the button that lets me turn off being able to hear other people in the city.
Could you at least pick a better subject than underwear? Jeez. 

"Pardon me if I am interrupting anything, but I had to ask. Is this city always so unusual with what is talked about?"



"I still don’t like this place. No, I just hate it."

"Any particular reason as to your hatred? As a relatively new arrival, I would prefer some enlightenment towards our situation."



It was a bit bothersome to find you-know-who all the way out here, so of course she frowned. “The sheriff is not my lap dog, but yes, he is here as well. I’d suggest you keep your nose clean and take your arrival here as a means of making a fresh start, rather than soiling this place as well. I have no regrets in allowing Bigby to imprison you in the bird cage.”

"In a city such as this, doubtful you may even call him by such a title. From what I see, we are among the mundies for better or worse."

How bothersome to judge him so harshly, when really everything he did was for the Fables who were mistreated by the system.

A cage cannot hold an idea, an impact. Even away or in a cage, the streets will still whisper my name. So what exactly do you plan to do here? Slide in with the ruffians and mundies?

How insulting, that you would accuse a man like myself of soiling anything.”

"It seems they have decided I will share an apartment. How disappointing."

He killed his wife and children because he wanted that little crooked house with its little crooked fence all to himself. Would he need to do the same here?

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"Ah, Miss White. It seems I am not the only Fable dragged to this place. Did your lap dog accompany you?"

There was still an act of civility to her, but an underlying bitterness to it.

Disregard the reservation, here is The Crooked Man! Hopefully everything is in order.


Welcome to the hive!

You’ll be housed in apartment t-2.

You’ll be given a wooden cane and a bb gun.

Enjoy your stay!

-mod oo6

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